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How Does Soccer Ball Train To Train Your Own Strength?

Feb. 20, 2019

The Soccer Ball is a high-intensity sport, so the requirements for physical strength are very comprehensive and high-level. However, pure strength does not guarantee a high level in the game. Because, in football, strength is divided into basic strength, coordination power and special strength. If only the muscles of the body are developed but the coordination power is insufficient, this will result in the basic strength not being used well when kicking. On the ball, so that the technical level is not well played, as we often see, tall players are in a disadvantage when the shorter team members compete for the header, which is why their coordination is not good. The basic strength can not be transformed into the special power used by the technology. Therefore, friends must pay attention to the normal self-training. In addition to the training of basic strength, it is necessary to focus on the football itself and deliberately carry out the special strength. training. So how do you train your own special strength? Laminated Soccer Ball Exporter introduces some special training methods below, and I hope to help everyone.

First of all, you can perform some of the maximum strength exercises for a single action that you can use in your own position. For example, if you are a forward player, you can practice some full-power shots. If you are a side player, you can practice the ball on the sidewalk. Go all out and sprint. In short, you must maximize your strength by practicing. You can improve your ability by repeating exercises.

Second, carry out weight-bearing exercises, which are exercises or games that are slightly more than 1%-3% of your weight. This can increase the body control ability under strong confrontation. Finally, if conditions permit, you can also play more football in places such as the beach, which can increase your strength when you play.

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