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What Is A Good Soccer Ball?

Feb. 27, 2019

First, the type of soccer ball: Soccer Ball China Manufacturer can be divided into: according to the manufacturing process: hand-sewn soccer ball, machine-sewn soccer ball, hot-fit soccer ball, mixed soccer ball;

According to the size can be divided into: the fifth ball, the fourth ball, the third ball (there is no unified international standard);

According to the elasticity, it can be divided into: high-elastic ball and low-elastic ball.

According to the purpose can be divided into: FIFA certified game ball, general game ball, training ball, entertainment ball(such as Disney Mini Soccer ball)

Second, look at the appearance: From the appearance, we can see that the design level of the ball and the quality of the materials used, as well as the printing of the ball, can reflect the craftsmanship of this manufacturer.

The design of the ball is difficult, because the shape of the ball is too simple. To create on such a simple sphere, it must conform to the characteristics of the product, which requires professional designers to create.

Third, try to test the sense of foot: foot feeling is the feeling of each person's physiological reaction, so it will be different according to the level.

Fourth, the soccer ball's liner

Five, the price

For players of different consumption levels, the price of acceptable balls is not the same, so the choice of the ball is still in line with their own price expectations.

Disney Mini Soccer ball

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