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Developing Football Is Conducive To The Development Of The Economy

Feb. 23, 2019

It is better to process food than to process food; it is better to operate food than to process food. Businessmen are always at the top of the industry chain. Farmers who grow grain have the most sweat and the least money. Businessmen seem to have no need to contribute, do not sweat, but make the most money; many people feel that this is a bit unfair. However, many people have overlooked the fact that sweat beads and brain cells are not at all a grade. They are in the history of evolution, with a distance of tens of thousands of years. Sweat beads are worthy of respect, but they are not worth the money.

Doing business can be said to be synonymous with cleverness. Jews will do business too! Therefore, they have achieved extraordinary achievements in any field such as science, literature and philosophy. The once-in-a-lifetime empire business has done a great job, and they are also world leaders in science, technology and culture. Later, the United States was the world's number one business, and their technology was very strong. Silicon Valley and Hollywood were also very strong. Is it because they will do business, they have the development of science and literature, or because they have developed science and literature, which has led to business boom? The answer to this question is not important. What matters is that business is linked to science and literature. In fact, the Chinese are also very likely to do business, but the Chinese have long been unable to see businessmen. Most Chinese who do a good job in business will try their best to top the "official hat". Otherwise, they will not find a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The Europeans first played football into a business, and the "five major leagues" became the "Hollywood" in the football field. Since then, Europeans have occupied the top of this industry chain, and naturally occupy the commanding heights of football. On the whole, football in any country, if you can't enter this industry chain, their national team is unlikely to be on the stage of the World Cup. Even if you have boarded it, it must be occasional.

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