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What Is The Most Important Skill In The Soccer Ball Field?

Mar. 19, 2019

The biggest problem for many young players is lack of awareness. This is also the most important thing in the growth of Soccer Ball, and the most easily overlooked thing. Let's take a look at why.

Teenagers lack football awareness, especially before they are caught in the ball. Most players usually have the ability to control and pass the ball. But when you play a game, you often lose the ball. Why? Today Custom Soccer Ball Exporter will explain it to everyone.

Because they lack the awareness of observation, they lead to blind decision-making and hand over the ball. Or spend too much time looking for teammates, eventually being destroyed or forced into a dead end.

They were also forced to return because they lacked self-confidence and turned around. They were all behind them and they were all enemies. A conscious player rarely loses the ball because they have long thought of the best option.

If they find that the defenders are approaching from the left, they will turn to the right. If they find that the defenders are coming from the right side, they will turn to the left. If they have enough time and space, they will make the most of them. Therefore, we can exercise our game awareness by observing the situation on the field every few seconds during the game. By constantly watching the position of the defenders and teammates, then looking back at where the ball is. Starting to look back on the field may be a bit unaccustomed, and maybe some teammates' actions are too slow, which will lead us to ignore observations.

However, after insisting on a period of time, we will become more confident when we get into the habit, and we will make more reasonable decisions every time, or pass or bring or turn around, and become more comfortable on the court.

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