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Five Football Training methods To Improve Individual Ability

Mar. 22, 2019

What is the football training method to improve individual ability? Today, PU Laminated Soccer Ball Exporter will give you some tips on football training.

1. Practice passing accuracy

Passing the precision of the practice, you can let a person match you, or you can kick the wall yourself. This can be practiced to control your football's passing direction, strength, return trajectory, etc., including the ability to practice using the instep, the arch of the foot, the pass of the foot and so on. If you can bounce back to your feet every time, then your control of football has reached a certain level. If someone is working with you, you can practice short pass, long pass, etc. In short, multi-pass, a qualitative leap from the accumulation of quantity.

2. Practice the header

On the football field, the header is also used in a particularly ordinary offensive and defensive manner, used well, attacking the city when attacking, the defense is solid.

First, practice the feeling of the head on the ball. One is to eliminate fear and not to hurt. The second is to practice the part of the top ball, so that you can choose the top ball of a certain part of the head. The third is to practice the direction of the top ball according to the ball, and where to top it. The fourth is to practice the effect of the top ball, arc, straight ball, bomb earth and so on.

Second, to practice bounce, the better way is to squat.

3. Practice stopping the ball

On the football field, stopping the ball is also a very important skill. Some people stop the ball 3 meters away. Some people stop the ball directly, and stop at the foot, which is directly related to your next move.

The arch of the foot stops. After the ball is taken, use the arch of the foot to cushion the ball and stop at the foot.

Stop the instep, for the high ball, the slower speed, jump up and use the arch of the foot to stop.

Chest stop, for the ball is higher, lower than the top of the head, and higher than the waist, use the chest to stop the ball.

Stop your knees and practice your knees to make your knees stop.

More observations come to the ball, and more use of different ball stopping methods, the key is to change the quantity into a qualitative change.

4. Practice shooting

Shooting exercises are more complicated. First of all, you should know what effect each part of the foot plays in each part of the football. This is more practice. There will be 9 areas of football, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, center, 12 o'clock position, 3 o'clock position, 6 o'clock position, 9 o'clock position. With the arch of the foot, the ball in the lower right corner of the ball will rotate counterclockwise, and the bottom left of the ball will play a clockwise arc. In the middle of the kick, you can make a straight ball with a very strong power.

First, practice a free kick and experience the basic movements, the parts of the kick, the feeling of the ball, and the feeling of shooting.

Then, practice the feeling of shooting and shooting.

5. Practice people

There are many ways to practice people. The first thing to look at is the ability to turn. You can find the feeling of turning by practicing short-distance one-way reentry, and you can practice your ankle flexibly. Second, to see the flexibility of the foot, you can practice the foot control and flexibility by pushing the ball with the foot arch and the instep, and pulling the ball on the sole of the foot. Third, practice running, increase the speed, you can let the speed go, take the Training Soccer Ball long distance, practice the control of the ball under high-speed running. Achieve the effect of high speed and strong people.

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