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The Training Skills for Soccer Balls (2)

Feb. 16, 2019

12. The companion throws the Soccer Ball to the sides of the practice team. The practice team swings the ball sideways and sends the ball back directly. In the exercises below, the player can stop the ball and return. After being skilled, the two sides will return after receiving the control.

13. Run straight in the line and hit the ball from the top to the bottom with the foot, so that the outgoing ball will rotate backwards. The companion will stop the ball with the chest and then return it with the same action.

14. Slant-line running, use the far end of the kick to make the outgoing ball rotate. The companion picks up the ball at the height of the knee with the outside of the foot, and then returns with the same action.

15. Slant-line running, kicking the ball with the outside of the foot, so that the kicked ball rotates, and the companion also stops the ball with the outside of the foot, and then returns with the same action. Third, the group pass practice 1, this is the basic form of practice to circle the ball. A group of 5~8 people, surrounded by a circle, 1~2 players defended in the circle, the surrounding players passed the ball to each other, and the players in the circle intercepted the steal. If the pass is intercepted or the ball is out of bounds, the player who is being intercepted or the player who is out of bounds will replace the player in the circle. You can change the practice with a limited number of passes or a pass. This exercise is a great way to improve your skills, because passing requires the right amount of power and accuracy to get there. Fourth, the offensive and defensive exercises mainly practice the positional feeling of each team member on the field. The best way is to form through two teams of offensive and defensive drills. Our team members are not very strong in position, and the formation is very easy to disjoint, which also consumes players. Our physical strength, first of all, each team member must understand his position and conduct an offensive and defensive drill. No matter which position is empty on the court, any player is obliged to make up the position.

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