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Basic Rules Of Football

Apr. 19, 2019

Football, known as the "world's first sport", is the most influential individual sport in the global sports world. As a Machine Stitched Soccer Ball Supplier, let's talk about the basic rules of football.

Means: The standard football match consists of 10 players and 1 goalkeeper from each of the two teams. A total of 11 players compete against each other on a rectangular grass court.

Time: The standard is two and a half, 45 minutes each. When only one game decides the outcome, if the two sides are leveled after 90 minutes, it will be 15 minutes and two and a half. If it is flat again, then the penalty is given. (After the end of each half-time, the injury time is usually three to five minutes)

Game scoring method: The purpose of the game is to shoot the football into the opponent's goal as much as possible. You can get one point for each shot. When the game is over, the team with the most score wins.

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